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Hilltop Community Farm Event Participation

Thank you for your time and interest in celebrating and learning with us at our farm.  We appreciate your RSVP in advance as it helps us plan for a successful day. Please take a look and fill out the following form:

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• Any reference to Hilltop Community Farm refers to Hilltop Community Farm, LLC.

• Hilltop Community Farm will only send email communications to the primary email address listed upon member registration.

• Hilltop Community Farm will not sell or distribute your personal contact information outside of our Business.

• Terms and conditions are subject to change without prior notification. The most up to date terms and conditions will be posted on our web site.

• Cancellations are not accepted within 48 hours of an event.

• A 6% service charge will be applied to all cancellations.

• Individuals or parties agree to accept these terms and conditions by registering with our business or purchasing a product from Hilltop Community Farm, LLC.

• As a participant and guest to our farm, you are expected to:
• Respect and care for Hilltop Community Farm's properties as if they were your own.
• Use and maintain tools and equipment in a proper manner, when applicable.
• Respect and care for yourself, fellow farm friends, volunteers, and the land.
• Have fun connecting with great people, conversation, and the land.

• Hilltop Community Farm, LLC is not responsible for inclement weather, lost or stolen items, or other circumstances beyond our control. We reserve the right to remove anyone from the premises for being mean, disrespectful, destructive – whether to yourself, guests, and/or the land.

• Participants assume full responsibility for any risk of property damage or bodily injury caused by, arising out of, or related to participant's access onto Hilltop Community Farm's Property for the purpose of or while performing any of the activities, except for injuries or damage caused by the gross negligence or willful misconduct of Hilltop Community Farm's members, owners, employees, and staff. Participant's covenants and agrees to release, waive and hold Hilltop Community Farm's members, owners, employees and staff harmless from and against any and all property damage and bodily injury incurred or sustained by Participant as a result of, arising out of, caused by, or relating in any way to Participant's access onto Hilltop Community Farm's property for the purpose of performing any activities, voluntarily.