As farm owners, operators, Rob for the past 20 years and Erin for the past 6 years , we know the peaks and valleys of running a business and designing systems that build resilience in times of stress. To farm at a human scale takes a lot of science/technique along with love and celebration. 

We have found success in our commitment to the land, each other and our customers. We strive to make it easy and affordable for you to participate in our farm and enjoy the food and fruits of our labor. We market primarily on a community supported agriculture model, receiving payment in the spring from farm members, and providing weekly delivery of organic (though uncertified) vegetables, herbs, fruit, and flowers from mid-May through mid-October.

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We also cultivate cut flowers, red raspberries, apples, pears, hardy kiwi, and hops, and continue to expand our orchards and brambles, using agroforestry practices, to include currants and plums as well as lesser-known fruits such as aronia, saskatoons, elderberries, quince, and bush-cherries. You can learn more about our Fruit adventures by linking to our Fruit Research page or by joining us for an Event

Additional products and services offered include: Wedding Flowers and fresh cut bouquets, Fruit n Farm Currantcy, and On Farm events/Workshops

We love to share tips and learn with you. We host on-farm events and workshops, consult on topics related to people, plants, and dirt (our three loves) and cultivate a culture of continuous learning at our farm and around the world.  For more information about our farm's products and services, download a copy of our 2013 Farm Brochure or contact us.

We are professional grower members with FRESH (Farmers Raising Ecologically Sustainable, Healthy Food -, subscribing to its Pure Food Pledge, as well as the Organic Tree Fruit Grower Association, and the Wisconsin Farmers Union

Meet the Farmers:

Farmer Erin:

Erin pruning back silphium and currants in the orchard guilds

Erin pruning back silphium and currants in the orchard guilds

I farm, facilitate, and love fruit. I devote my passions and skills to bringing abundance and fairness for our farms and food systems. Ask me if I set out to be a farmer, I would give you a smile and a blank stare. My mother would tell you I wanted to be a surgeon in New York City. Instead, I've settled on a different sort of health care provider role. I can't deny my agrarian roots and have spent many a childhood hour in the beet fields and backyard gardens of my parents pulling weeds and singing songs about picking potato beetles with my sister. I guess this stuck as I went on to dig miles of holes surveying soils in Alaska and plant thousands of fruit trees and native plants from the NW to the Midwest. I enjoy the beauty and balance I find in Earth's diverse landscapes and landscape of the mind working a variety of jobs over the years as soil scientist, educator, researcher, restorationist, facilitator, barista, and wilderness therapist. In 2007, I fell in love with a farmer and the farm and yes I know the rest is history.

While a beginning farm owner/operator of 4 years, I am a veteran to the sustainability movement, bringing over 15 years of expertise in agriculture, education, and facilitation leadership to my farm, consulting projects, and organizational development work. I also serve as one of two North American Delegates, on the Women in Agriculture Committee with the World Farmer Organization and have supported farmer to farmer trainings in Nicaragua, Senegal, Zambia, Argentina, and at our farm. As a life-long learner, self-starter, and lover of people, plants, and dirt, I look forward to sharing the harvest and gleaning stories with all of those who participate in our farm.

Ultimately, farming has helped me realize that it's not just what you do in the world, but how you want to be. And ultimately, I want to be happy, making an honest living, growing incredible healthy food with dignity. 

Farmer Rob's Bio: Coming Soon…

Rob seeding an early bed of spinach, late April 2014

Rob seeding an early bed of spinach, late April 2014

You can learn more about our adventures in growing fruit, building community on our fruit research page, or contact us and we'll keep you posted on the latest happenings.