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May the days grow long and sweet fruit n farm currantcy coupon

while winter retreats.

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Farmers Erin and RobFarmers Erin and Rob are dedicated to growing food sustainably and building community. We market primarily on a community supported agriculture model, receiving payment in the spring from farm 'members', and providing weekly delivery of organic (though uncertified) vegetables, herbs, fruit, and flowers from mid-May through mid-October.

Food: A Basic Human Right: What does it mean at the farm and for you?


I recently had the privilege of being nominated to apply for the John Kinsman Beginning Farmer Food Sovereignty Prize through Family Farm Defenders. John, at 87 recently passed on from this world though his legacy continues. He has literally touched the lives of thousands of people as a grassroots pioneer of organic sustainable agriculture and globe trotting advocate of food sovereignty for decades. Rob and I also had the privilege of knowing and having John as a farm neighbor in our rural La Valle, Wisconsin foodshed. His presence will be sorely missed.

February 2014 Farm Newsletter and forecast for the season ahead...

 Mid-winter Stews, Sudden Stratospheric Warming and waves, seeds, winter wonder 

and more in our February 2014 Newsletter. Happy Reading!

See what's in the forecast for your farm this season! 

May 2014 Be the Year of the Anti-oxidant -

Something special growing from New Jersey to La Valle. Check out the article on Ethnic Crops, Different Varieties provide opportunity in the latest issue of Growing Magazine by Tamara Scully featuring our farm's fruit adventures.


In other news....Enjoy the JS Online article, highlighting our farms fruit and other nutritional delights prepared, grown and shared by local growers and chefs.


2013 Tips and Feedback for your Farmers...

For our CSA members and Fruit Loving Customers -

Please take a moment to fill out our survey - 2013 Tips and Feedback for the Farm 

Sizing up the harvest

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A Picnic in the Pasture - Around the Farm Table

Our farm is being featured on Wisconsin Public Television, Around the Farm Table Episodes. Look for our farm and fruit adventures under a 'Picnic in the Pasture' and invite others in shaping and sharing the story forward!

Around the Farm Table

Fruit, Flowers, Peak Summer Abundance and more Farm Happenings in our August Newsletter

July 21 CSA shareI am reminded of what happens when people come together with an open heart and mind to learn and share, celebrate good food. Learn more about ways we are celebrating and what's in store at the peak of summer in our August Newsletter. Read on and happy harvests!

Meanwhile, it's been a return to dare I say 'normal' farm flow here after a full, fruit-filled July hosting ~60 people for our Currant Events Festival and the crew from Northwind Renewable Energy before that. Rob and I are now (with the help of the sun of course) generating our own electricity at the farm!). All in all a relaxing, engaging, joyful, musical, and tasty series of events (all that planning/logistical work seemed to pay off)!